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Retail Recruitment

Local, independent retail is an important component of any vibrant downtown. It is, however, no small task in today's challenging retail environment. To encourage aspiring entrepreneurs to open up shops in downtown storefronts, the Alliance offers several incentives.

Our Design + Development Department provides expertise on the intricacies of getting a building ready for occupancy and a business ready to open. The D+D Department also has a financial consultant on staff to help entrepreneurs develop a solid business plan and identify potential sources of financing.

For the aspiring retailer with a great idea but little experience, the Urban Emporium presents a great opportunity to test the retail waters. The Urban Emporium is Mobile's only retail incubator, providing space, a professional sales staff, point-of-sale equipment and educational/training sessions. To join the successful entrepreneurs already housed in the Urban Emporium, click on the Tenant Information Package below.

In addition, we offer some specific financial incentives for building improvements, signage, and new or expanding businesses in selected areas of Downtown Mobile. The links for the complete package of incentives available may be found below.

Downtown Mobile Alliance's Retail Incentives

Urban Emporium

For information about becoming a part of the Urban Emporium experience, click on the Tenant Marketing Package below.